Yacht in a bay 连接ed with marine satellite internet with Viasat's Cobham sailor antenna.

Experience unrivaled maritime satellite internet

Powered by Viasat’s game-changing technology

Overhead view of a man and woman sitting on a boat deck at sea, using marine internet on a laptop.

High-performing internet you expect on land. 现在在海上.

Viasat’s changing the maritime internet game by delivering unparalleled bandwidth that lets guests and crew 流, 浏览, and watch movies just as they would at home or in the office.

Advanced technology

我们的强大, high-capacity satellite network means more speed, data and performance while you cruise with no hard data caps* and no speed limits**.


Unrivaled 连接ivity

We deliver fast and seamless internet for everyone on board so passengers and crew can stay productive, 连接, 流, and 浏览 without interruption. You’ll also have the ability to provide separate network 连接ions for crew, 操作, 和客人.

Best internet experience

Today’s guests expect the best – and we help you deliver it by keeping everyone seamlessly 连接ed to work and family, 娱乐, 和业务.

Man in a hard hat on a vessle at sea using maritime internet on a laptop.

Staying 连接ed shouldn’t stop at sea

Viasat brings enhanced satellite 连接ivity to vessels and industries that expect and need high-speed, high-performing internet at sea. 获得经验, 可靠性, and personalization superior maritime internet should bring to guests and crew.

  • Tan superyacht at sea with maraitime 连接ivity

    High-speed internet for superyachts and large leisure yachts that keeps everyone on board 连接ed, 娱乐, 和生产.

  • 3 large cruise sihps docked at an island using maritime satellite internet

    Next-generation maritime 连接ivity for passenger vessels with enough bandwidth to deliver an unmatched on-board experience.

  • Oil rig in clear blue water, 连接ed with offshore marine internet, surrounded by 3 boats

    Our flexible service plans adapt to your changing business needs and forward-compatibility is built in to protect your investment.

  • Military hovercraft at sea
    Government and defense

    Our integrated maritime communications solutions delivers resilient, assured 连接ivity and cybersecurity for challenging maritime 操作.


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Disclaimer(s):  * Depending on the specific Viasat maritime plan, once you reach the data consumption threshold for that plan, your data will be prioritized behind other customers during network congestion


**No speed limits means that there is no cap set on the typical speed delivered within a specific maritime plan. Speeds may still be limited by terminal equipment capabilities, network and environmental conditions, and other factors. Speeds are “up to,” are not guaranteed and will vary.